I’m Mr.Click – bondage artist and photographer and I welcome you here at my photo blog.


I’m Russian (well exactly speaking I’m Jew but for foreigners everyone living in Russia is Russian 🙂 ), 34 and I do bondage from my childhood. It is the greatest love in my life.

My bondage

I do all kinds of bondage: shibari (kinbaku), kungbang, european (Irving Klaw) style and so on. I work with ropes, chains, belts, cable ties… just everything I can use. I love it all :). Although I like to photograph my works to let others see the beauty of tightly bound female.

Why do I’ve started this blog?

I don’t know :). It seems that sometime you just understand that you want to come out of the routine and start something new. This is the case.

My models

They are my friends – all of them :).

If you like them

a) you may like one of my pictures so much that you will want to have it printed and mounted at your apartment’s wall – no problem, drop me an e-mail and we will have a deal;

b) you may fall in love for some of the girls at my pictures and want to see MORE of here – in most cases it will be possible too (of course if you REALLY fall in love your better ask me her e-mail and you will get it free of charge :)).

Have a nice day!